Improve your startup with 10 Proven UX Research mindsets

Photo Credit: Unsplash
Future of Design in Startups: 2017 Results by NEA

My User Experience Research Journey

1. Never ask anyone if they like your product

2. Test early and often

Photo Credit: Norman Nielson Group

3. But first, use expert reviews

4. More than usable and desirable, great user experience is…

The Honeycomb Model: Source — Semantic Studios, User Experience Design

5. Get on board with Design Thinking

6. Use personas to keep the user in focus

Sample Primary User Persona from Sunrise Reservations web redesign (Courtesy of author)

7. Learn to make research-informed design decisions

8. Try mapping your product ecosystem with the team

Photo Credit: Google Images, creative commons

9. Get to know your users in their natural habitat

10. Map out the details of your customers’ journey

Photo Credit: Google Images, creative commons

In Conclusion

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