San Francisco: 10 simple, insider reasons I love this magical, exciting, odd city

Courtesy of the author, Allison Crady — Dolores Park

#1. Dolores Park Hang Outs

Dolores Park Sunset

#2. Skyline Views Everywhere

Bernal Heights

#3. Embarcadero Bike Rides

Golden Gate Bridge

#4. Ocean Beach Runs

Land’s End, Ocean Beach

#5. Golden Gate Park Adventures

Botanical Gardens, Golden Gate Park

#6. Street Art Exploration

Art walk off Valencia Street in the Mission

#7. Secret Neighborhood Parks

Sunny afternoon at Precita Park

#8. Hill Climbs Everywhere

Hidden path in West Bernal Heights

#9. Creative Freedom

Allison playing music at the Botanical Gardens

#10. Gorgeous Sunsets Daily

Typical sunset view around Bernal Heights

Final Thoughts

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